Shunting layout for Exhibitions

For future exhibitions (2023 onwards) I want to try something a little different this time –

   as well as my usual Orion Models trade stand I will bring along an absolutely minimal layout.
The layout is a G1 version of the shunting puzzle Inglenook Sidings – see here if you not familiar with the concept –

Inglenook sidings
Inglenook sidings

My version will be the 3-2-2 one measuring 8′ long by 14″ wide spread over my usual stand with a side extension.
This can just hold 3 wagons in one siding and 2 wagons in each of the other two sidings.
The basic principle is simple – place 6 wagons randomly in the sidings. Select the sequence for 4 wagons. Then attempt to shunt them into that order.
Note it is impossible to get the loco and 3 wagons beyond the final turnout.
This can be done with scale couplings, but to speed up operations the wagons will be provided with automatic couplings.

I will provide a selection of locos (all radio controlled)

       my SECR H class – ARM1G fitted with reversible valvegear  – new 1/32 version
       my LMS 3F fitted with reversible valvegear
       my GWR 14XX fitted with an oscillating steam motor
       my LSWR O415 (Adams Radial Tank) fitted with reversible valvegear
     my LSWR M7 battery powered
also present –
        my LSWR T9
        my GWR AEC Railcar
        my GWR Collett Goods             – if ready in time
        my LMS PI suburban carriage kits for the 3F

various prototype locos –
         my LSWR T3                                                     – probably not ready in time

A selection of wagons will be provided
The wagons will be fitted with a G1 sized version of the Jackson coupling – see here

AJ coupling for G1 wagons
AJ coupling for G1 wagons

The locos will all be fitted with radio controlled loops to engage the Jackson couplings (or more likely the wagon hooks)
The only manually operated things will be the 2 turnouts and moveable magnets to operate the Jackson couplings
Note – there will be NO track power.

My RCH wagon chassis + suitable body – SR 12T wagon
PK 9′ wagon chassis (complete with wheels etc) + a suitable resin outer frame & body
LSWR Horse Box 4.7
LSWR Carriage truck 4.26
LSWR 1 plank open wagon
LSWR 8 ton insulated van

Everybody will be invited to “have a go”, so I can just stand back and watch and select the next 4 wagons to be made up into a train.

Everyone is invited to bring along their own locos to try (preferably r/c) –
     locos will need to be fitted with a suitable coupling (at least one end) as follows:-
simple loop coupling –
  a 0.5mm wire loop, 0.5″ wide, 0.95″ above track, projecting 1/8″ beyond buffers
  can be sprung or r/c operated, needs to move at least 0.2″ downwards to disengage from Jackson coupling
  or a longer loop that can be lifted to disengage from a wagon coupling hook
 a Jackson coupling – see dimensions above
  the supplied locos will have the r/c operated lifting loop
  a sprung loop can be operated with a fish tail ended rod, stick or bit of wire

Note – this is really NOT suitable for a slip eccentric loco

As usual I will be alone on the stand, so if any members would like to come along and help (with or without locos and wagons) I will be delighted.
I could really do with help preparing the locos for operation and supervising operations.
This is intended as a participation exercise, so the more that participate the merrier.
The day will probably start with shunting by the batteey powered LSWR M7 (no preparation required), followed by steam locos as available.
I may not have time to test this all out thoroughly before the event, so it may turn into an interesting debugging exercise.

So come along and have a go (or help, or both).

If you want to discuss any of this call me on 020 8460 4958, or email