Order and payment information

I do not take deposits – there have been too many people in this business who have taken deposits and then failed to deliver.

Ordering a loco is, therefore, a no cost option – if you decide at a later date that you no longer want the loco you can cancel the order at no cost. You may also defer the construction and delivery to meet your requirements.

Customers will be kept informed of design and production progress – an initial estimate of the likely production date will be given when the order is taken, updated when the design is completed (if incomplete at the order date) and confirmed when production of the customer’s actual loco starts – at this point a small deposit may be required to cover any special requirements (e.g. unusual livery or additional parts). This deposit will only be refundable in the event of cancellation if another customer has the same requirements. Also at this point the final specification and livery of the loco will be discussed with the customer and confirmed in writing.

Payment will be required in full on delivery – subject to a satisfactory (to the customer) trial of the loco. Kits must be paid for before delivery. Preferred payment method – Direct Bank Transfer. My online bank will not accept cheques.