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Orion Models/Orion Business Systems is located in Bromley (South East London) UK.
You may contact me at any time of day including weekends and evenings.

Phone 020-8460-4958

Orion Models
11 Pickhurst Park

E-mail address:

New comment about contacting Orion Models (June 2014)

I am getting swamped by junk email and marketing phone calls.
Just got back from a 2 week holiday and had to check over 1000 emails. Thunderbird had correctly identified 550 of them as junk (but I still needed to check the sender name, and subject if the sender was not a company name, just in case). The rest had to be checked manually. How did all these people get my email address? The address you can  see above is scrambled so that it cannot be machine read.

To make clear that you are genuine, can you please start the subject name on your email with “ORION MODELS enquiry – ” followed by what you are enquiring about.
This should make it a lot easier for me to spot, with less risk of missing your enquiry. If you do not hear from me within 2 weeks (I may be on holiday), please resend your query in case the original got lost or accidentally deleted. I do want to talk to you – some say I may talk too much, but generally I try to restrict myself to relevant details. If nothing else, typing emails takes some time.

To eliminate marketing calls, I tend to leave the phone in answerphone mode, then rush to answer it if someone is leaving a message – not always possible as the phone extension  in my workshop cannot interrupt the answerphone downstairs! Again messages can get accidentally deleted, so please try again if you do not hear from me within 2 weeks.

Sorry about this, I guess it is just one of those irritating hassles of modern life that we we have to find a way around.

If you are looking for the other Orion (7mm kits) – try

Jerry Colebrooke
Orion Railway Kits
32 Bracken Road
Tunbridge Wells
Tel: (01892) 537236 sorry – no known email