SECR H class 0-4-4T

Available in 1/32 scale (& 10mm scale if there is sufficient demand)

SECR H class (1_32) - 3D image
SECR H class (1_32) – 3D image

Model versions

The 1/32 version is a ground up redesign using the original  works drawings and my own photos of the preserved version.
Neither the drawings nor the photos were available when I designed the 10mm version and the sources that were available introduced some unwanted errors. This etch has been redesigned to my latest standards and will use my computerised R/C system.  The R/C version is the default but a manual version using slip eccentric valvegear will be available to special order. Manual & R/C versions are the same price.

10mm version still available to special order- etched body and chassis kit for ARM1G components – beware this is an older kit – not quite up to 2017 standards

Wainwright built 66 of these very useful medium sized suburban tank locos. All were vacuum braked, 15 were dual fitted and some were fitted with pull-push gear in BR days.

One of my second generation body kits – see here for explanation. Third generation for the 1/32 version.
The 10mm etches are not up to current standards, but this is still the only body/chassis kit that has been specifically designed to fit the ARM1G parts or steam power. Not too difficult to assemble – far better than my first generation.

I am still supplying etches, kits & RtR versions of this loco (even electrically powered). I can supply it upgraded to my latest R/C system or older versions for DIY R/C installation or manual. There is no reversing lever in the original model design, but the etch does include some parts that could be used for manual reversing from the cab – not needed for slip eccentric valvegear which still requires you to push the engine when changing direction. The R/C versions use Southern valvegear which enables remote reversing using a normal servo.
10mm version – there is no provision for R/C uncoupling on the etch – this is a later development. Also has no dummy backhead.

1/32 version mechanical details

The only remaining ARM1G parts are the cylinder set (but even that has been upgraded since the original ARM1G) and lubricator.

The boiler is reduced in diameter to 42mm with improved insulation. The apparent loss of volume is regained with a functional dome and feed from there to the Safety Valve. Adding the dome enables the boiler to be filled to the top. The regulator is moved to below the footplate for ease of connecting the servo and enables fitting of a detailed dummy backhead. The on-board pressure gauge has been replaced by a temperature sensor on the backhead. Output from that is converted to pressure in the computer system and displayed on the controller. Deleting the pressure gauge pays for most of the R/C system.
The boiler also has a water level sensor, again feeding back to the controller.

Southern valvegear is used to enable remote cut-off control and reversing  – cut-off is fixed in a slip eccentric setup and reverse is by pushing the loco in the required direction.

Remote (R/C) uncoupling is by loops that drop onto wagon or coach coupling hooks.

Slater’s wheels are used.

The computers for the R/C and the servos are powered by a single 18650 3.7v LiPo cell fitted in one of  the side tanks (the other tank contains the lubricator – now with the filler in the correct position). Voltage is raised to 5V for the servos by a booster circuit.

The etch has now been brought up to my current standards and is designed to be glued together wherever possible. The slots and large tabs for this make the assembly easy and also make soldering easier if you prefer that technique.

For ease of assembly and better appearance the original folded etched sand boxes have been replaced by 3D printed (UV curing resin) parts.

You will need to provide your own phone or tablet as the controller for the R/C system.



Russell J. H.           A Pictorial Record of Southern Locomotives         OPC                    Out of Print
Harris M.               Locos Illustrated 56                                            Ian Allan               Out of Print
                                 Wainwright tank locomotives

Preserved loco at the  Bluebell Railway


Click here to download the following from Google Drive –
                Loco instructions – too many to list here – note the exploded drawings instructions for the new 1/32 version are not yet ready

Click here to download the Southern valvegear instructions
Click here to download the punching rivets PDF from Google Drive and other common PDF documents
See the assembly instructions PDF for assembly photos
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