Coach specifications

These kits are extremely detailed and very comprehensive – they contain everything you need except for the normal building and painting tools, solder, glue, paint and transfers. They are primarily etched nickel silver outers with laser cut ply interiors and 3Dprinted (resin plastic) for details.

They are designed for painting before assembly to make the painting job easier (particularly the interior and lining) and are held together by tabs and slots (or pins and holes) wherever possible. Full interiors are provided, including luggage racks and internal panelling The glazing slots down between the inner and outer walls. Droplights can be positioned at any required height. They can be fixed together by superglue or solder, though obviously in the latter case soldered joints should be done before painting. The body is bolted to the underframe and the roof is bolted to both. Brakes and linkages are provided – the brakes could even be made to work with a little ingenuity. Wheels are individually sprung.

The coaches can be fitted with LED lighting – suitable holes are provided for wiring and switch.

If you build everything supplied you will end up with a museum quality coach – some parts can be left off for simpler assembly.
I tried to do a low-cost version but did not know when to stop!

All kits are provided with fully illustrated instructions (downloadable when complete).

See here for more detail on construction.

Materials list :-

Etched nickel silverOuter sides
Ends where not 3D printed
Luggage racks
Underframes where not 3D printed
End steps
Droplight straps
Lamp irons
Bolections + hinges
Lower hinge/former
Laser cut plyInner sides
Brake compt. inner walls
Roof former
3D printed (resin)Ventilators
Underframe inner parts
Bogie side details, springs etc
Gas lamps
Brake gear
Battery boxes
Vacuum reservoirs
Ken Martin castingsCouplings
Heating hoses
Brake hoses
MiscellaneousSMD LEDs for interior lighting
White cotton cloth roof covering
Flanged ball races for axles
Glazing for lights with printed droplight frames
Brass wire handles
Steel wheels & axles