Manual control or r/c systems?

I appreciate that some customers will prefer to use manual control rather than a radio control system.  All my locos have been designed around my radio control system providing feedback to the control device – usually a mobile phone, but tablets are a possibility. It will be possible to supply locos intended for manual control but you will lose the feedback, the remote control and some other functions. You will also lose the detailed dummy backhead as that gets in the way of the manual controls and will need an obtrusive pressure gauge. It will still come with electronic water level warning.
And, if you really insist, you can still have slip eccentric and push the loco to change direction.
They can also be modified to run with your own preferred radio control system. 

Note that prices for manual and radio control are much the same as my sophisticated system deletes the expensive pressure gauge.

See here for details of my radio control system