GWR 56XX 0-6-2T

Beware this an older design – not up to 2017 standards – it has now been discontinued but etches may still available from Just The Ticket

200 of these locos were built to replace similar (but worn out) locos acquired with the South Wales companies at the 1923 Grouping. As the coal traffic declined they were dispersed around the GWR. Although mostly built at Swindon, one batch was built by Armstrong Whitworth.

The coal bunkers went through three variations – originally straight across they first acquired a recess for a lamp, then a raised section as further protection for the lamp. The front step backplate was moved back in later locos and gained an extra step. Safety valve bonnets varied between tall and short as boilers were swapped. Cab window shutters were added.

Locos during the BR period can sometimes be seen with a line running along the tanks around mid height. These are the top edge of patch plates added to cure leaking tanks. Sometimes the patch plate stops at the front curve of the tank, sometimes it continues right round. Bunkers sometimes also acquired patch plates.
The model does not include patch plates.

Please note these etches are only available from Just The Ticket Engineering Supplies (NOT Orion Models) – see here
This etch was originally designed at Dicky Boast’s request (back when he ran JTT) as an alternative to all the sheet metal parts (including the frames) he supplied for this loco. As such it is much easier to build than cutting out your own metal sheet parts. It was the first etch I developed so does not include all the slots & tabs of the later kits intended to make assembly easier. Furthermore it was not developed as a fully intricated kit. Consequently this is more of a scratch builder’s aid than a real kit.


Roche F. J.        Historic Loco Drawings in 4mm scale                           Ian Allan      Out of Print
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Preserved loco (6697) at the Didcot Railway Centre
Preserved loco (6619) at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway moved on?

Preserved loco (5668) at the Kent & East Sussex Railway Awaiting Restoration
Preserved loco (6695) at the Swanage Railway
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Preserved loco (5637) at the East Somerset Railway
Preserved loco (5619) at the Telford Horsehay Steam Trust – now Telford Steam Railway – now at North Norfolk Railway
Preserved loco (6638) at The Railway Age, Crewe – now The Crewe Heritage Centre
                                       no info on 56XX
Preserved loco (6686) at the Barry Tourist Railway


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