New free services

The illustrated exploded instructions are already available for download free.
For those determined to make a loco at the minimal cost, I am proposing to also put the loco general arrangement drawings online.
Drawings will also be available for all parts that are not ARM1G standard but need building – e.g. boilers, gas tanks, pumps, R/C etc.
To make those parts you will need the appropriate machine tools and silver soldering skills.
I am not proposing to make those parts myself, You may find others prepared to do that for you, and I am happy to give them the drawings to do so.
These could be appropriate builds for an engineering club or a local area group.

Please note that I am not prepared to provide support for any of this –
       support requires time and support that I give to unpaid projects is time robbed from the next loco or coach development.

Unless you are a determined builder (and maybe a little masochistic) I seriously suggest you pay for the set of etches. 
“Paid for” parts get free support and trying to make the sheet parts yourself is not only time consuming but also loses all the extra detail and easy assembly that the etch provides.
I can still provide castings for these locos.

I realise that this non-profit approach may be  denying sales to companies making similar locos but since most of those now seem to be Chinese I have no compunction in taking sales from them.

One objective of this is to ensure that these designs continue to be available in the unfortunate event of my being unable to continue the business.  I suspect that the numbers of people trying to do this the hard way will probably be very small.
I will soon be coming up to my 77th birthday but I intend to continue as long as a I am able.
Recent falls to myself and other members of my family have somewhat concentrated my mind on this.

It may take a while to get all this set up – if your need is urgent and the relevant bits are not yet online – just email me with your requirements.