Radio Control system


The radio control system is progressing – currently at the stage of a working user interface. Just needs full system testing and range testing.
The main operation window is shown below

This is the original design for a moble phone.
It has been superseeded by a separate handheld controller – see the download link below to download the latest versions –
Orion Models R_C system – proposed Tx case designs

Note these revisions have not resulted in any price increase!

RC main screen
RC main screen

This system is designed to be used with a mobile device such as a phone or tablet (with built-in WiFi).
The mobile device runs a VNC program (free) that turns it into a dumb terminal – just showing what is running on the computer in the model and using its touch screen to operate the model.

The full set of screens are in a pdf in Google Drive.

Click HERE to download.
Note this is an ongoing development so the final system will probably differ from the download.

This system comes free with every loco model I supply.
It is deeply integrated into the design of each model, hence models are not available for manual operation.
The system is not available without buying a model loco!