GWR tenders (1:32 scale) – new series

3000 gallon, lot A49 of 1901 shown.

The 2D drawings are complete and used to create the 3D drawings in Solidworks shown here.
The 3D drawings for all parts including the castings are complete. I should be able to produce the masters for the castings on my 3D SLA printer fairly soon. That just leaves adding the borders to the 2D drawings to turn them into etch layouts, a somewhat trivial but annoying process. The actual etches will have to wait until I have sold a few T9s to generate the cash to pay for them. The 3500 tenders will follow rapidly as the only major differences are greater width, different toolboxes, (turned through 90 degrees) and vacuum instead of steam brakes. All three differences have an effect on some of the castings, and there are changes to the etches. By the time those go to the etchers I should have completed the 4000 gallon tender design – upgrading an etch I did some years ago. The final major tender designs are the 2500 gallon to go with the Dean Goods and the 2000 gallon to go with the the early Dukes.
The sectional view shows the computerised R/C system on the tank top above the gas tank and 4 servos driving the following functions – regulator, reverser, gas control and water bypass. There will be a 5th servo driving the couplings, but I still have to work out the best place for that to go – it is very tight for space.
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 3000 gallon tender, Lot A49 - 1
3000 gallon tender, Lot A49 – 1
3000 gallon tender, Lot A49 - 2
3000 gallon tender, Lot A49 – 2
3000 gallon tender, Lot A49 - 3
3000 gallon tender, Lot A49 – 3


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  Work in progress – words to be added
    but the exploded drawings are all there