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January 2013

        The etches arrived the day before the AGM! They were on display there, but I had no time to check them.

The LMS 3F prototype is being assembled, but the LSWR T9 will have wait a little.

The BR 08 shunter (Gronk) is the next project - my General Arrangement drawing is nearly complete - as usual all the published drawings for modellers were full of errors - makes me wonder if some of these draughtsmen ever bothered to compare their drawings with the real thing. Preferably a lot of the real things, as there seems to be a lot of variations (even ignoring the preserved examples, which may have changes that are unrepresentative of the locos in service). Design of the model (1/32 scale only) has started.

       Must finish off the underframes for the SECR Birdcages and the LNER Quad-art set, the LMS suburban set for the LMS 3F, the GA drawing for the LNER N2 and so on, and on.

August 2013

        OOPS - seems I forgot to update the news - so much for my intention to do it monthly.

A lot of work has gone into designing stuff (plus the usual interruptions to look after grandsons) but there does not seem to be much visible progress.

The BR 08 shunter (Gronk) artwork went to the etchers on 24th June, checked and approved on 2nd July, so should be back for initial assembly soon. I hope to have production kits ready for the G1 AGM (16th November).  Projected kit prices are £330 for track power (complete) and £432 for R/C (complete, including R/C).

The LMS 3F prototype is nearly  assembled, but as usual there were a few errors, so I have taken the opportunity to make the assembly easier at the same time. I hope to have the final version ready for the AGM. I am  now working out how to assemble the LSWR T9. The prototype should also be on show at the AGM, but may require a few corrections.

Underframe design for the SECR Birdcages is almost done. The carriages should be on display at the AGM.

My next priorities are:-

       Design for the LNER N2 - started, but not got far yet.

       3 LMS PI suburban carriages to go with the 3F - design almost complete.

       5 LNER Quad/Quin-art carriages to go with the N2 - GA design complete.

       LSWR "4½" carriage set to go with the T9 - GA design about 30% complete.

Beyond those -

       3 GWR locos - Collett Goods, Bulldog and Dean Bogie Single - GAs for these mostly done.

       A selection of GWR carriages and a Toad brake van for the above.

       Metropolitan Railway E class loco and carriages.

       LNER B12 and carriages.

       GWR Steam Rail Motor and matching trailer. I have now done a photo survey of these at Didcot and have most of the works drawings that I need.

Late October 2013

        Well the summer seems to have whizzed by, with not a lot of visible progress.

Initial assembly of the BR 08 shunter (Gronk) etch shows it to be OK above the footplate, but the chassis had a few errors. The latter has been corrected and went back to the etchers in early September, just 2 weeks after receiving the etches. That two weeks was enough to assemble most of the loco, including writing the illustrated assembly instructions. I cheated here a little by just assembling one of each common component so I could get the revised design back to the etchers before going off on holiday for 2 weeks. The revised chassis etch has not yet arrived so I will be lucky to just get a demo loco running for the AGM.

I now hope to have production kits ready for around Xmas.  Projected kit prices have risen a little as I had not included the nuts, bolts, rod, tube and bearings in the previous estimate. They are now £359 for track power (complete) and £461 for R/C (complete, including R/C).

There has been no further visible progress on any of my other projects, so the LMS 3F will appear at the AGM as semi-finished, and the LSWR T9 as a set of etches.

The holiday was mostly a washout and waste of time, but I did manage to get some overhead photos of the LNER N2 at the North Norfolk Railway.

Listowel & Ballybunion loco replica on turntable at Listowel