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SECR C class + LBSCR coach at Bluebell Railway

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Last updated 15/11/2021

GOOD NEWS - despite these troubled times.

     The LMS 3F 0-6-0T (still 10mm scale) has gone into production. The LSWR T9, LSWR Adams Radial Tank will all go into production this year.  Shortly followed by the GWR 14XX, the LSWR M7, the GWR Collett Goods and the GWR 3000 gallon tender.

My apologies to those who have been waiting, but I guarantee the results will be worth the wait.

I have taken advantage of the enforced delay caused by the pandemic to further refine the designs and standardise where possible to further speed production. Note no compromises have been made to achieve this standardisation. In fact I have improved the functionality, accuracy and level of detail. You will not find anything of comparable standard and price - particularly if it was made in China. My radio control system provides a unique blend of controllability and feedback that is just not available commercially elsewhere. All very time consuming - I have been putting in about 60 hours a week on all of this.

Buy British - now more than ever, British industry needs your support. Orion Models is a one man business - everything you see on this website has been produced by me, one reason why things have taken longer than expected. Some parts are bought in from very small (often one man again) British businesses - namely the cylinder sets, wheels, etches, couplings & castings. For the castings I now 3D print my own masters. The only foreign parts on my locos are things that are no longer built in the UK - electronic components & servos mostly.

I provide 24/7 support (though I would prefer it if you did not ring in the middle of the night!) from my home phone (see contact page). No foreign call centres involved.