explanation for time loss

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I have rather lost track of the many things that have demanded my attention this year, but they include -  

     too many holidays, mostly organised by my wife.

     looking after two small extremely noisy grandsons 2 days each week - nominally my wife's responsibility, but she keeps dragging me into it. They are much better behaved when taken out of the house, but I find this very time consuming.

     computer problems (both mine and my wife's). These used to be quite reliable, but have got quite flaky lately and sometimes tricky to diagnose. Then there are the inevitable junk emails  (about 100 a day), the scam emails **, lately a "virus" called vmhost that most anti-virus software fails to notice (removed with malwarebytes free).

            ** recently I have been getting multiple "INVOICE" emails each day with weird sender names (often including special characters) all containing an attachment. Needless to say, these are all instantly deleted.

     gardening - I used to do all this, but my wife has taken over and I now just get called in as the "grunt". There seems to be endless supply of weeds needing removal, old overgrown bushes to be removed, pruning and deadheading.

     marketing phone calls disrupting my concentration.

     SolidWorks - this is at least enjoyable and relevant. The learning curve seems never ending and horribly time consuming, but hopefully I should (soon?) get to the point where I can use it in my sleep!


Without promises for future production, I should feel a little less guilty about losing time to all the above distractions.