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February 2019

        Well it has been over a year since the last news update. Sorry about the delay - been too busy developing the computerised radio control system and finishing the instructions for the T9, the GWR 14XX and the LMS 3F. All the instructions are now complete and available from a link on the appropriate loco page here. All the prototypes are awaiting final testing - after completion of the R/C system as it is fully integrated into the loco designs and will enable you to control the loco in a manner similar to the real thing with feedback on speed, water level, boiler pressure and battery voltage. Remote control of regulator, reverser, fuel restrictor and maximum boiler pressure (for idling), uncoupler and water bypass (where pump fitted) are available.

        The website has been updated with current prices (mostly LOWER than before) and production.



March 2019

        Most of the last month has gone on the radio control system - see HERE for latest progress. You can download a PDF of the screen designs from that page.

      The Adams Radial Tank has been delayed by the Accucraft announcement of a similar model. There are other locos I need to get on with that should not be in direct

    competition with a much larger rival. For now, feel free the buy the Accucraft version, but it will NOT be built in the UK and will NOT have my sophisticated computerised radio control built in at no extra cost. Mine would have cost £100 more than the Accucraft one and my kit would have been £650 cheaper despite including the radio control. If you would prefer mine, contact me and if there is sufficient demand, I will reinstate it in the build schedule.

1st May 2019

       The radio control system has been temporarily delayed by completing the 3D design for the Adams Radial Tank.

      Since my last post I decided that I was not going to let all the work I had already put into the Adams Radial Tank go to waste. The good news is that the 3D design for the loco has now been completed and the exploded drawings for it should be available for download later this month (the words will take a little longer). It took 5 weeks of 6 days, 14 hours per day on average, but it is done. The loco is to genuine 1/32 scale  (quite a task squeezing it all in) and will be available in multiple variants - Adams or Drummond boiler, round or rectangular spectacles, and short or long side tanks. The were so many variations that I am unlikely to cover them all. Rectangular section spokes only on the wheels - so that rules out the ones built by Dubs. Small wheels on the radial axle, so that rules out a few more. Hopefully I should have the first example running within a few months- must find someone to make the wheels for me.

Mid June 2019

       The radio control system  is moving forward again - maybe 90% there. A few software and hardware issues still to be resolved.

      Other aspects of model design are still ongoing, but the main change you may notice (if you look closely) is the content of this website as explained on the home page.

Please note that you may need to hit the refresh icon (or Ctrl R) on your web browser to actually see any change - they have an irritating habit of caching pages and not showing the latest - supposedly in the name of speed of access.

Mid August 2019

       The radio control system  work still continues - unfortunately got distracted by designing a Ransomes & Rapier 45 ton breakdown crane - this will be unique but rather expensive model - all those gears! R&R ran out of letters in the alphabet labelling them all. Still working out the best way to do it.

The price of the T9 kit has been corrected - typing error!

Mid November 2019

       Well it has been a long time since the last update. Blame it on too much development work going on.

The good news is that a lot of etches are about to go to the etcher. The corrected LSWR T9, GWR 14XX and the entirely new LSWR O415 (Adams Radial tank). This means that by next spring I should have four different locos on offer - those 3 plus the LMS 3F. Coach designs for all 4 are continuing - they have got as far as the prototype GA drawings, but now need converting to etches.

Background work on the Ransomes & Rapier 45 ton breakdown crane continues. It looks likely that the gears will end up being 3D printed in production - possibly even 3D printed Stainless Steel/Bronze - I will look into the possibilities.

Another thing that I got involved with is the prototype drawings for Tony White's new G1MRA book on building an electrically powered GWR Bulldog. This mostly involved updating some drawings I did over a decade ago. It has prompted me to revisit the design I did back in 2003 for a GWR City class loco. This got as far as being etched, but never put into production as it was a rather expensive museum quality model rather than a practical one. I will (finally) assemble my original etch and revise it for practicality and bring it up to my current standard production methods. The Bulldog is just a variation on the City class, as are all the other GWR inside cylinder 4-4-0s (except for the 3521 class which were a very odd bunch). 9 classes with 28 variations, depending upon how you count them. It is my intention to put them all (except the 3521s) into production, along with suitable coaches. The biggest problem is just deciding what is common to those 28 variations so I do not keep designing the same thing over and over again. The main differences were the boilers (9 different types), curly or straight frames in 3 different depths, wheel sizes and wheelbases. I did all the research (and most of the GA drawings) for this almost 20 years ago, so it is just a case of pulling it all together to create the etches.