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February 2016

       Another unfortunately long gap in the news - sorry.

I am still hoping to get various prototypes running this year - primarily the LMS 3F, GWR 14XX and LSWR T9.

Design work still progresses on other locos and carriages - the GWR Steam Rail Motor  and Auto Trailer are progressing well, as are the LSWR Adams Radial Tank, the LNER J69 & N2, GWR Collett Goods and the LSWR O2.

News for G1MRA members is that I hope to have a layout at the AGM this year, rather than my trade stand - but don’t worry you can still talk to me about my models.

The layout will be a version of the shunting puzzle Inglenook Sidings. Members can have a go at shunting with the SECR H class, LMS 3F, hopefully the GWR 14XX (all r/c live steam) and the BR 08 Gronk (battery r/c).


April 2016

        The GWR 14XX and LMS 3F (second version in this case) etches have both gone off to the etchers, so I am hopeful that both of these prototypes will be running at the AGM. The BR 08 (Gronk) and the SECR H class will also be running. The H class uses my Southern valvegear, the GWR 14XX and the LMS 3F will be using my new oscillating steam motor (OSM). The 3F will be available with the ARM1G cylinder set and Southern valvegear as an option. The GWR 14XX is limited to the OSM as the smokebox saddle is too narrow for the ARM1G block to fit.

         Both the 3F and the 14XX have been modelled in 3D using SolidWorks (finally found some time to use it - long learning curve). This has 2 purposes - the first to validate the etch design (which it did nicely), the second to provide 3D exploded drawings for the instructions. The LSWR T9 is about to go through this process as the initial etch had some design errors. In all these cases the etch design was initially done in 2D using TurboCAD as I did not have SolidWorks at the time. Bit of a long way round. Future models will be built in 3D from my 2D General Arrangement drawings, then the etches will be produced from the 3D design which should speed up the design process and eliminate most of the errors. Unfortunately the closest SolidWorks gets to etches is “Sheet Metal” which does not cope with half etched surfaces and gets the bends slightly wrong, so there is a bit of fettling to do with its output.

         I will be taking orders for the 14XX and the 3F at the show (or beforehand) for a limited run of both kits and ready-to-run, then they will be shunted off to someone else to give me time to produce the T9, the Adams Radial Tank, the LNER J69 and the GWR Steam Rail Motor.


Late October2016

        Again sorry about the long delay in the News. The AGM has just come and gone. It was rather disappointing after all the effort put into the locos and the layout.

It seems to have been a long hard six months trying to get it all ready - not helped by time off for two holidays in Italy and a few funerals!

The layout was ready on time, but despite my best efforts and long hours none of the locos were. The wagons that Roger Melton (JTT) made up and sent never arrived. Sent via DPD, they first appeared to be stuck in a warehouse in Manchester, then delivered to some unidentified pick up point somewhere near my house, then finally turned out never to have left the drop-off point due to lack of “Return” on the label despite the label being printed off as supplied.

My thanks to Jack Ruler and Gary Frigot for supplying and running locos and wagons on the layout, and thanks to others for offers of stock after an urgent appeal for same the day before the AGM.

The real disappointment came from the general lack of interest in the shunting layout and that nobody seemed interested in the LMS 3F (present and almost ready to go) and the GWR 14XX  (present but less complete).

I have decided that in order to make the business viable I really need to concentrate on the locos I actually have orders for. First the LSWR T9, then the LSWR Adams Radial Tank. If you have ordered either of these (some of the orders were a long time ago) and are still interested, or wish to place an order, please contact me. Is anyone interested in matching carriages to go with them ? I have done the general arrangement drawings and need to progress these to etches if anyone is interested. Loco prices are here.

Carriage prices are not yet fixed, but I would expect somewhere around £350 for a kit, £600 ready to run.