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December 2011

       The Q1 changes and H class etches have now returned from the etchers. The Q1 still needs reassembling and checking. The first H class has been put together. It needs a few changes, so the opportunity has been taken to improve the design at the same time. Currently both are delayed while I build a new PC (the old one controlling the lathe and mill failed) and build two new CNC controllers for the lathe and mill.

The SECR Birdcage trio set etch masks have been approved, so I hope to get the etches back soon.

April  2011


        The Q1 prototype is nearly complete - it still requires some of the turned, cast and mechanical bits. The nearly complete bodywork appeared on the Just The Ticket (JTT) stand at the 16mm show (Stoneleigh) on the 2nd April and will make its next appearance at the G1MRA Spring show on the 16th April. See here for some photos. I have started design work on an LMS Jocko (Jinty) 0-6-0T - also for JTT. I hope to do a photo survey of the LNER N2 whilst at Loughborough for G1MRA meeting.

February 2011

         The Q1 etch has finally arrived, but after getting lost for 6 weeks it is horribly tarnished. I am now soaking it in citric acid to clean it up.

          This enforced delay has enabled me to do design work on both the Adams Radial Tank (GA drawing now complete) and the T9 (the 1/32 version design is now nearly complete). The T9 will be offered in both 10mm scale and 1/32 as I already have orders for both scales. All future Orion Models locos and coaches will be to 1/32 scale. All future production will be kits only - except for existing orders.

May  2011


        The photo survey for the LNER N2 was completed satisfactorily. My thanks go to the staff and volunteers at the GCR who were very helpful.

I have just completed the etch design for an SECR H class to go with the ARM1G components. This is optimised to fit - so no hacking required. A matching full transfer set will be available. See here for details.

Listowel & Ballybunion loco replica on turntable at Listowel