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All contents (including photos and drawings) - ©  2020 Derek Mackenzie Listowel & Ballybunion loco replica December 2009    Coaches - the first 2 of the 5 LSWR 6-wheel coach kits are almost ready - the remaining 3 will follow shortly.   Locos - the GWR 56XX is now available in ready-to-run form only.

June 2010

   The 56XX instructions were completed some time ago.

    I now have available a very limited number of DEE kits (and possibly RtR) - see the Offers page - click here

July 2010

    Beat the VAT increase - there is no VAT payable on any of our models

    I am  going to the NRM in mid August to get photos of the interior of the LSWR tri-compo coach - once I know the exact shades of colours used for the interior I will be able to paint my LSWR coach models, put them together and post photos.

     DEE kits still available.

Late August 2010

      Just back from the NRM - unfortunately their LSWR tri-compo is done in SR colours internally, despite the LSWR exterior, so I will have to go to the Bluebell so I can photograph the interior of their newly restored LSWR coach. Again unfortunately their LSWR 1520 Lavatory Third Brake (built 1910) is just a third so I am still left guessing as to exactly what shade of blue the LSWR first class interior was - ditto the Second class interior (golden brown? - but what shade exactly). Unfortunately Len Tavender’s otherwise excellent HMRS livery register for the LSWR is a little skimpy on interior colour shades. If anyone knows, please email me here.

      Better news on the loco etches for the JTT loco kits, I have now measured up the SR Q1 - this will probably be the first accurate detailed drawing published of the Q1. All others I have seen fail to match photos of the real thing.

     On the way back from the NRM I stopped off at the Midland Railway Centre to do a full photo survey of the two LMS Pacifics - both Princess Royal Class and Princess Coronation (Duchess) Class. These will also be turned into etches for JTT loco kits.

     I then stopped off at the GCR (Loughborough) to attempt to do a photo survey of the SR King Arthur Class loco Sir Lamiel only to find that it was away on tour at Swanage.

Photography there might have been a problem anyway as the management had decided at the end of July to deny visitors access to the loco sheds due to continuing theft problems.

November 2010

      The Q1 etch went off to the etchers in mid October. Still no news so it looks unlikely to be ready for the G1MRA AGM at the end of this month. Hopefully it will arrive soon so that I can do the trial assembly and instructions.

      The LSWR coach etches (6 wheelers - 1888 First and 1878 Compo) have now been painted prior to assembly. This is an experiment to see if it is easier to paint them first - assembly will be mostly with tabs, bolts and superglue. So far, so good. Assembly order determined, assembly started - I will be writing illustrated instructions as I go. I had to guess the exact shades for the interior.

      Once this and the Q1 are assembled I can get back to the design for the LSWR T9 - this is being redesigned for 1:32 scale.

DEE kits are still available - I will be taking some to the AGM.

Listowel & Ballybunion loco replica  on turntable at Listowel