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May 2014

        A new strategy has been implemented - a VERY limited number of Ready-to-Run models will be available - see here. The reason for this is the profit margin on the kits is so small that they are not really viable. This does not mean that the RtR models are subsidising the kits, merely that the demand for kits is low, so spreading the development costs over a larger number of models restores the viabilty. This also explains the small rise in kit prices.

I am currently assembling the prototype for the LSWR T9 and finding a lot of changes required - I really must get the SolidWorks 3D software to prevent these problems from happening.

A minor cashflow problem has delayed ordering the etches for the BR 08 kits - I hope to resolve this soon - sorry about the delay.

Listowel & Ballybunion loco replica on turntable at Listowel

April 2014

        Still not finished assembling the BR 08 Gronk due to other work. Production delayed a little by a minor cash flow problem - hope to fix this soon.

GA drawings have been completed for the following - LNER N2, GWR 14XX, LSWR Adams Radial Tank (model design also completed), LNER J69 & J15. Now just need to do the 3D design, then they should be ready for etching.

The website has been updated - BR 08 added, revised production schedule and various bits of outdated information replaced.

June 2014

        A trial version of SolidWorks 3D software arrives on 16th June, so I will concentrate on learning this during the free one month trial. I am hoping to produce a full 3D version of the LSWR T9 in this period to prove that the software does what I need.

July 2014

        Just completed the one month trial of SolidWorks 3D software. Massive change from TurboCAD 2D software - completely different way of working. Just bought a 1200 page book on how to use it - a little light reading for the forthcoming holiday (when not photographing railways)!

        Despite the expense (approx. £5500) I will buy this as I think it will ultimately pay for itself in reduced development time and etch costs. It will also provide better documentation with exploded views of the components. Horrendous learning curve though.


August 2014

       Much time has been lost this year due to various factors so production is behind schedule.       Click here for a longer explanation.

I not only need to make the business profitable (just), I also need to put the fun back into it. This is, after all, just a fun retirement project, rather than a commercial enterprise.

I have felt under (largely self-imposed) pressure to produce new models. To avoid disappointing customers I have now decided to only announce the next model when the current one is well underway, with no promises of delivery dates!

If you have already enquired about future models, you should be on my customer notification list, but it may be as well to remind me by email.


September 2014

       I have now got  my full copy of SolidWorks 2014.

I have also got some Loctite 326 adhesive, 7649 activator and 7061, 7063 cleaners so I can experiment with gluing kits together - watch this space for progress reports.

New development to my website - I have now added “G1 Marketplace” where other G1 suppliers can place details of their products. This is primarily intended for  small suppliers who do not have their own website, but may include links to other supplier websites and downloadable catalogues.