SR Q1 0-6-0

Beware the 10mm version is an older kit – not quite up to 2022 standard.
The 1/32 version (to latest standards of design & instructions) has now gone into production.

SR Q1 loco 1
SR Q1 loco 1
SR Q1 tender 1
SR Q1 tender 1
SR Q1 loco 2
SR Q1 loco 2
SR Q1 tender 2
SR Q1 tender 2

10mm scale model photos shown, 1/32 will look much the same

The 1:32 version will have a number of corrections and improvements, improved tabs/slots for gluing together and exploded drawing instructions, bringing it in line with my current standards. It will also have all my latest parts versions with integrated R/C. It will also have an electric power option. Gas fired will also be an option – the 10mm one is spirit fired only. R/C uncoupling will be fitted and possibly a dummy backhead (not very visible within the Q1 cab).
The 10mm version will still be available after that.

Bulleid’s Q1 was known to the enginemen as a Charlie. It was designed to use as little steel as possible due to wartime restrictions. Hence the minimal appearance. It turned out to be a very powerful and useful loco. Hauling both goods and passenger trains. They were in service from 1942 to 1966.

There appear to be no works drawings available for this loco. The drawings that have appeared in the model press are very variable and none seem to quite match the loco. So I went to the NRM and measured it up for myself. After doing the drawings I found out that the Bluebell Railway has all the original drawings, but no way of reproducing them.

The 10mm version is one of my second generation loco kits. The 1:32 version will be third generation standard.

Not too difficult to assemble – far better than my first generation.

I am still supplying etches, kits & RtR versions of this loco (even electrically powered). I normally only supply this as a manual loco due to lack of space for the R/C & servos, but it may be possible to add your own if building from a kit. There is no reversing lever in the original model design – not needed for slip eccentric valvegear which still requires you to push the engine when changing direction. Southern valvegear is included on the etch which enables remote reversing using R/C and a normal servo. There is no provision for R/C uncoupling on the etch – this is a later development. There is no dummy backhead.



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                                 SR Q & Q1 0-6-0s

Preserved loco at the NRM (formerly at the the Bluebell Railway)
NRM page for 33001 (C1)


Click here to download the following from Google Drive –
                Loco and tender instructions – too many to list here

Click here to download the Southern valvegear instructions

Click here to download the punching rivets PDF from Google Drive and other common PDF documents
See the assembly instructions PDF for assembly photos

Click here to see detail photos of the real Q1 in the NRM  – add later
Two sets of photos by Francis Leach and Derek Mackenzie