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January 2015

       I have now got  my full copy of SolidWorks 2015 so now I need to spend a month or so properly learning it, which is unfortunately going to have an impact on future developments. Hopefully it will then speed up development after that.

       I have also now got the first development version of my oscillating steam  motor. This was originally intended to power the GWR Steam Rail Motor but will also be available as an option on all future tank locos which should reduce the price by about £130 or more. I will be building it into the prototype LMS 3F.

There appears to be greater demand for Ready to Run than for kits so I will be adjusting my output accordingly with a similar number of each available each year.

There are still 2 BR 08 kits left and I am not sure I will have the time to make any more with all the other locos to build.


February 2015

      Designs progressing well and link added to the SR Q1 page for 2 sets of detail photos of the prototype on my Flickr page.


March 2015

      Further revision to New Strategy - limited number of kits to be available direct from Orion Models, plus unlimited numbers of etches and design details for customers who wish to do more of the work themselves. Note - in the latter case a lot of the more complex parts will also be available from other suppliers.


September 2015

      Well that was a long break from the News. Mainly due to holidays and other things going on.

The upshot of all that is that I will have no new models for sale by the time of the AGM, so I have taken the decision not to have a stand there this year. I will still be there, but not on a stand. This will give me the opportunity to have a good look round to see what others are doing, not normally possible as I am usually alone on my stand.

If you want to meet me at the show for a chat (or advice or complaints|) let me know in advance and we can arrange something.

This does not mean that work has stopped on my model development, far from it. There are many models under development, but none have got to the point where they are ready for sale.

My revised business strategy means that there will be a very limited number of both ready-to-run models and kits available for each new design when it is announced. If you are seriously interested in any of the models I am working on (see here) then let me know before they are all snapped up.

Future models will probably not appear in that list until they are ready for sale.