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January 2012

       The new PC  has finally gone together - when will Microsoft learn to provide migration tools?  The move to Windows 7 was quite painful and very time consuming.

The CNC controllers are almost finished, so I hope to be cutting metal again within a week. The etches have arrived, but the combination of the above plus Xmas has prevented any progress in assembling the trial etches. Again I hope to start within a few days.

March 2012

      Version 2 of the SECR H class etch has arrived, so I am busy putting one together along with the SECR Birdcage trio set. These will appear at the Peterborough show on 31st March on the Just The Ticket stand along with the SR Q1 (version 2) and the LNER Thompson suburban coach set. They will probably all be incomplete at this stage, but hopefully nearly complete for the Swindon show. Castings for all these are being organised, but again may not be ready in time. Off to the Isle of Wight in early May to photograph the LSWR O2 and the various southern coaches.

June 2012

      oops - forget to  update the news - I have not been inactive, quite the opposite.

      Went to the Isle of Wight in early May to photograph the LSWR O2 and the various southern coaches, only to find the O2 was away on holiday on the mainland. Caught up with it the following week at the Mid Hants Railway. 2 weeks later I went to the K&ESR to photograph the birdcage underframes (the IoWR versions were air braked). Still waiting for some castings. I am about to arrange for new cast/etched wheels for the Q1 to improve the appearance.

Off to the NNR in early July to photograph the Quad-art coach set and the LNER B12 loco. On the way I will photograph the Tilbury Tank at Bressingham.

The following fully detailed GA drawings are now complete -

      LSWR O2

      6 different 4 wheeled IoWR coaches

      SECR birdcage coach underframes

      LMS 3F 0-6-0T

now to turn that lot into etches (and cast and turned parts)!

The price page on the website has been completely revised to eliminate confusion between the Orion Models range and the JTT low cost range - well, it was confusing me anyway.

August 2012

        A very busy two months since I last wrote the news. The LSWR T9 has been completely redesigned and the etch has just gone off to the etchers. New Q1 wheels are underway, with etched outers (also at the etchers). The photo trips to Bressingham and North Norfolk Railway were very successful. Also managed a photo survey of the LNER J15 whilst there. Further photo trips to the LT museum to measure up and photograph the Met Railway coach and the Bluebell for the SECR H class return to service - lots of new photos and coach measurements. The SECR H class loco threw up an error in some published drawings - the Beattie ones have the tank fillers in the wrong place (the Maskelyne ones did not give a top view) - corrections have been added to etches for this. The LMS Jinty mechanical design is complete, the etches have just gone to the etchers. The first of the production SR Q1 etches are now available. More works drawings have been obtained from the NRM for future models.

October 2012

        The good news is that all the etch mask layouts are back for approval and correction. The bad news is that the etches will probably not be ready in time for the AGM.

         Had a good trip to Devon - photo surveys done of many locos and coaches in my build list.

Listowel & Ballybunion loco replica on turntable at Listowel