LMS 3F 0-6-0T

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All contents (including photos and drawings) - ©  2020 Derek Mackenzie Click here for large image  Click here for specification  Click here for prices  LMS 3F 0-6-0T - Kit or Ready-to-run     10mm scale See the Wikipedia page for further details  NOTE - This is only available in 10mm scale. GWR Dukedog 4-4-0 9017, Earl of Berkeley LMS 3F at Spa Valley Railway

Based largely on the ARM1G design this has a modified boiler with a working dome that feeds the remote safety valve and increases water capacity. The cab is mostly clear with a low mounted poker burner and the regulator below the footplate. There is no backhead as this is barely visible within the cab and would have pushed the cost up. This could be provided 3D printed in a high temperature tolerant plastic resin (at extra cost) if you really want it - I have not got round to modelling it yet. Only needs a driver figure & fireman to complete the effect. They would also help to hide the poker burner. It would be good to have the driver leaning out of the cab with a rotating head linked to the reverser so that he looks in the direction of travel - no prizes for the first to do it!

Like all of my current models this is entirely made of nickel silver with lost-wax brass castings made from 3D printed masters, copper boiler, thick walled brass gas tank and, in this case, cast-iron wheels. The boiler uses a single flue with a poker burner that is remotely adjustable for idling.

The model is radio controlled only - no manual option - it would have involved too many compromises.

See here for more details of the R/C system. It provides controls for the regulator, reverser, idling the burner and uncoupling. It also provides feedback on speed, boiler pressure, water level and battery voltage with warnings when pressure goes too high, or voltage or water level too low. The system is fully integrated at no extra cost.