LSWR/SR Adams Radial Tank

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All contents (including photos and drawings) - ©  2020 Derek Mackenzie Click here for large image  Click here for specification  Click here for prices LSWR Adams Radial tank 4-4-2T	      1/32 scale

1/32 scale

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This is currently a work in progress - most of the exploded diagrams are present, but most need the words added. It will at least give you an idea of what is involved.

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Note the clear cab - no visible regulator and full backhead detail. Only needs a driver figure & fireman to complete the effect. They would also help to hide the poker burner. It would be good to have the driver leaning out of the cab with a rotating head linked to the reverser so that he looks in the direction of travel - no prizes for the first to do it! This one has the original Adams boiler and chimney, the picture at top shows the Drummond rebuild. The Chimney did not always match the boiler in later rebuilds.